Dental Bridge Grand Rapids, MI

Seek dental bridge treatment in Grand Rapids to replace missing teeth and restore your smile!
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Even a single missing tooth significantly affects your smile and daily life.

You may experience difficulties biting, chewing, and speaking. Not to mention the effect it has on your self-esteem.

Whether you are missing one tooth or several, the negative impact remains the same. Fortunately, modern restorative options provide effective solutions for replacing missing teeth. One dental restoration option is a dental bridge.

At Benton Family Dental, we offer dental bridge treatment in Grand Rapids. Our team is dedicated to helping you regain your missing tooth and restore your confidence. We offer custom bridges made from high-quality materials such as gold, porcelain, or metal alloy. Our dental bridges are custom-made to fill the gap left by missing teeth.

Dental Bridge Treatment in Grand Rapids

A dental bridge consists of dental crowns and pontics, which are the replacement teeth. This fixed, restorative solution is renowned for its reliability. By leveraging healthy abutment teeth as anchors, the bridge securely holds the prosthetic in place. Although the adjacent teeth need to be prepared for proper placement, a well-maintained dental bridge can last for a decade or more.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

The dental bridge procedure typically involves two dental visits. During the first visit, the adjacent teeth are prepared and fitted with dental crowns, while the second visit involves the installation of the bridge itself.

Consider the following advantages of dental bridges as a tooth replacement option:

  • Improved chewing and eating capabilities
  • Restored speech and pronunciation
  • Enhanced smile aesthetics by filling in dental gaps
  • Maintenance of proper tooth alignment
  • Even distribution of bite pressure to prevent premature wearing
  • Long-lasting restoration requiring minimal maintenance

Visit Us for a Tooth Bridge in Grand Rapids, MI

At Benton Family Dental, we offer comprehensive tooth bridge solutions to meet your unique needs. From initial consultation to the final result, our experienced team will guide you through the entire treatment process. You can trust us to provide high-quality tooth replacement materials and use the latest dental techniques.

To make your dental bridge treatment affordable, we accept dental insurance and offer an in-house membership plan. During your consultation, we will assess your smile and create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your specific requirements.

Take the first step towards a permanent dental bridge in Grand Rapids by scheduling your appointment with us today. Restore your smile and regain your confidence!