Achieve your dream smile with porcelain veneers in Grand Rapids!
Veneers in Grand Rapids

Are you unhappy with how your smile looks? Are you searching for a way to enhance the shape, color, and alignment of your smile? If so, veneers could be the ideal solution for you.

Veneers, comprised of thin porcelain shells, are secured over your teeth. Dental veneers enhance the size, shape, and overall aesthetic of your smile.

At Benton Family Dental, we provide top-notch veneers to help our patients get their dream smiles. Come visit our dental clinic in Grand Rapids for exceptional veneer services!

What Are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are thin shells made from durable materials. Modern veneers are crafted from porcelain or ceramic.

Each veneer is custom-made to fit your teeth perfectly. We securely bond them to the front of each tooth surface using a robust adhesive. With their natural look and feel, porcelain veneers address various cosmetic concerns. Use them to improve discoloration, chipped or cracked teeth, irregular spacing, and misshapen teeth. They are an immensely popular choice for creating a more symmetrical and radiant smile.

How Do Veneers Work?

Veneers offer a swift and painless solution for transforming your smile. Typically, the procedure involves two visits to our dental office.

During your initial visit, we take impressions of your teeth to determine the size, shape, and shade of your veneers. Additionally, we gently remove a small amount of tooth enamel to accommodate the veneer. During your second visit, we bond the veneers securely to your teeth. In some cases, we even provide same-day veneers for a quicker process!

Veneer Cost in Grand Rapids

The cost of veneers varies depending on your specific needs. Once we craft your veneer plan, we will provide you with a detailed cost estimate. The veneer estimate outlines the treatment expenses and presents you with financing options.

We want to help you achieve your ideal smile without compromising on quality or affordability. Should you have any inquiries or concerns about the cost, our dedicated team is always happy to help. We are committed to maximizing your dental insurance coverage and finding a solution that suits your budget.

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If you are considering veneers, schedule a consultation with our experienced team at Benton Family Dental. We use the best materials and techniques to ensure that you receive long-lasting, natural-looking veneers. Our utmost priority is to provide you with a beautiful, confident smile.

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