Complete restorative dentistry services to repair damaged teeth and replace missing ones.
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It’s there, nagging you and getting in the way when you’re simply trying to live your best life. What are we referring to? Unwanted decay, deterioration, and other dental dilemmas cause our teeth to become weak or even go missing. No matter how hard you brush or how often you see your Grand Rapids dentist, these issues can happen to even the healthiest of smiles. From beautiful, customized dental crowns to dentures and partials, please know that you can count on restorative dentistry in Grand Rapids to make a world of difference for both your oral and overall health.

From dental crowns to fillings

Dental Fillings

Our fillings are able to perfectly match and bond to a tooth that’s damaged by cavities and decay, so no one will ever know you’ve had work done. They’re safe and effective for patients of all ages.

Crowns And Bridges

Dental crowns and bridges are some of the most widely used restorative dentistry tools we rely on to improve smiles across Grand Rapids. We use our advanced training and technology to precisely diagnose and treat your damaged teeth using a dental crown or bridge. They are excellent solutions for someone who’s struggling with a missing tooth or multiple teeth. Don’t be nervous to talk to your Grand Rapids dentist about your interest in dental crowns. Most patients are good candidates for this particular restorative dental care and enjoy the many benefits for years following the completion of restorative dentistry treatment in Grand Rapids.

Dentures & Partials

Before even reading any more of this section, we want you to forget what you think you know about dentures. They have come a long way over the years thanks to much-needed advancements in the technology and materials we use. The end results are dentures and partials that are more tailored to you, giving you the confidence in knowing you’re getting a comfortable fit and a natural appearance.


Endodontics is simply a bigger term used by dentists to describe the world of root canals — one of restorative dentistry’s most well-known procedures. Unfortunately, this tooth-saving treatment is often seen as unnecessary or uncomfortable. A root canal is usually necessary when you have a badly decayed tooth that needs cleaning out and topped off with a beautiful dental crown that we can uniquely shape and custom color.

Oral Surgery

At Benton Family Dental, we want to be a dentist you can trust for preventive care designed to keep all of your natural teeth healthy for a lifetime. However, sometimes a root canal or a dental crown just isn’t enough to save a tooth. Or, other times, you’ve got a wisdom tooth that isn’t growing the way it should. That’s when we might suggest oral surgery as a viable solution.