Message From Dr. Benton

Dr. Benton & Dr. Chris Smiley

Dear Patients and Friends,

The Smiley Family Dentistry legacy dates back to decades ago when Dr. Harold Smiley first opened our office doors in 1948.  For the past 75 years, Smiley Family Dentistry has been a part of our community and a trusted place you and your family have turned to for advanced dental care. 

As we enter the second half of 2023, we are excited to share a few new changes within our practice. The first is that Smiley Family Dentistry has a new name! Our practice is now Benton Family Dental. We are still the same great team, providing the same great service you have grown to expect, just under a new name! Dr. Chris Smiley and myself have been working together since 2008, and as business partners since 2010. In September of last year, I became sole owner of Smiley Family Dentistry. I am grateful that even as Dr. Smiley moves away from his management role, he is still in our office two days a week offering guidance to our team and providing excellent patient care. 

We have also added Dr. Adam Feuerstein to our team. Dr. Feuerstein is a firm believer in patient-centered care, providing patients with the best evidence to make dental care choices that meet their needs. He particularly enjoys cosmetic dentistry and oral surgery and has taken additional courses to expand his expertise in both. Dr. Feuerstein and his wife are expecting their first child in July. He is an excellent addition to our team and I look forward to you all meeting him soon!

I am thrilled for Benton Family Dental to continue the tradition of excellence in serving our patients that started 75 years ago. And while my father was never in the dental field, the new practice name is a continuation of his legacy. Back when I was a second year dental student and beginning patient care, my father drove two hours to Ann Arbor just to have me clean his teeth.  He wanted the honor of being my very first dental patient. He in fact, was the first person to suggest I consider dentistry as a profession. My dad was always my biggest supporter, my role model, and my professional mentor. I lost my father last September after a nearly 5 year battle with brain cancer. He would be so proud and honored to see his family name on our door.

I look forward to seeing you all in the office in the next few months and to celebrate this exciting change with you. You can find our new website at  There you can conveniently schedule your next dental cleaning appointment online and find the latest office updates.

We can’t wait to see you at Benton Family Dental! Thank you for your continued support. It is an honor to provide your dental care and to be your dental home.


Dr. Stephanie Benton

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